Wraith S Faq S


Greetings to all new players to this wonderful game. This is list of some of the frequently asked question about the game. Enjoy! WrAitH


  • Pushing Tab opens a window that shows all of your most recent game messages.
  • To talk on testers channel type /testers and /help for chat help.
  • Post bugs in F12 interface.
  • To private message someone, use /pm <playername>, message For example /pm Enoch Dagor, hello - The comma is important because player names can have spaces.
  • To quickly reply to someone, type /r.
  • How do i log out ? By pressing the X in the upper right corner or ctrl+q
  • Change scroll speed ?! How ?! Press Esc to goto controls.
  • Hitting Control+E will select engineers/cargo haulers - both are construction units.
  • So how do i restart my tutorial if i closed the window? Hit F1
  • You can cycle through military units like you can with cargo trucks by pressing Crtl+u.
  • Is there a way to put like a rally point out?? Control + r.
  • Is there a way to see all your enlisted and officers?? Yes, by hitting F6 and dropping the colony information menu down.
  • So what button shows the galaxy page? Hit backspace to zoom out from one environment to the next above it.
  • How i go back to planet view? What button returns my view to planet?
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  • How do you increase morale other than messing with tax rate? Hover over the morale…it tells you what is wrong.
  • Command points? Each unit is initially worth 10 points. As they gain experience,the number of command points used by a particular unit will drop.
  • If I have a percentage of homeless but no unemployment,that means there aren't enough residential facilities, right? Correct.
  • Where do I see my "enlisted"? On your colony window. Hit F6 and then expand the window by clicking on the arrow bar at the top of it.


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