Wormhole Concepts


Wormholes are a marvel to behold. They will change your view of the universe instantly opening doors to new trade partners and new enemies. There are many theories as to where they come from. Some believe they’re from rips in time and space. Others believe they were created by a higher intelligence. There have even been reports of wormholes popping up in areas of high tension and stress.

Simply, Wormholes are tunnels that link points in space. You can travel at speeds faster than light, allowing fleets to go between systems instantly. Wormholes can only be traveled in one direction until traversed, which rips a hole on the other side allowing two-way travel.

When you find a wormhole, guard this information well, as it is the doorway to your system. The opening points usually appear on a pathway between two planets, while the exit can appear anywhere.

Wormhole infrastructure starts at a Super Nexus then branches out to other nexus systems. These branches continue out until they reach an ending system. While ending systems rarely contain more than one wormhole, a nexus can contain many wormholes.

Some believe a Super Nexus is the center of the universe. While physically this may not be the case, it holds true for trade and commerce. Nexus systems have fewer planets then other systems and typically harbor more rare resources then end systems.

When you find a wormhole you should guard it well. Remember, there is no better defense than information and the lack of it could be your downfall.


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