Working With The WarMonger


Warmongers don’t take lip and in most cases are considered Nukers, or Predators with a Nuker disposition. These empires can range from one planet to system wide dominance and beyond. This section is meant to give you information on how to deal with this threat when trading.

The first step is to establish just how many warmongers you have in your system. If there is just one, your situation is a little easier to cope with. In the end, either you pay them off or you kill them. If you want to work with them, find out what they want. This includes components, minerals, cash and more. Usually, if you can get on their good side early, they may help you should you find yourself in a bad situation, but don’t count on it.

If you know they want something, it is wise to setup direct trade relations. Of course, this helps keep the warmonger happy, since no taxes will be applied to the trade. This keeps you happy because you get to stay alive and make some money. It is important not to mark up your items too much. If you usually sell at 15% mark up, you’ll probably want to go for something like 10% and in some cases 5%. In extreme situations, you may even sell at cost. Remember death is not bad, but it is unwanted.

When it comes to minerals, you’re better off to either sell it all or hide the quantities you don’t want to share. Some warmongers have killed entire colonies for a specific mineral. The more caches of minerals you can snatch up the better. If you have to take out another player, so be it. Remember it’s you or them - the better the hand you deal yourself for survival the better. If you have gotten in good with your monger you might be able to sway them to take out your competition allowing you better access. Usually they will give an “OK” quickly, since you probably give them the best deals in town and they know this.

Components are usually going to be a tougher call than minerals. A warmonger is in the position they are in, by staying ahead of the game in terms of technology in some category. The best thing you can do is one up this if possible, or provide a means by which they can improve upon their designs. You might be able to tempt them with alloys. While not considered true components, they are important for larger weapons and other products used in building military units. However, if they are not a true techie then supplying them with something that meets their fancy is never a bad idea, even if it is a one or two time deal. Overall, you have to impress them with components - don’t overdo it or they may suddenly see you as a threat.


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