Welfare Specials


Technology Effect Description Rarity
Social Programs Homeless Allowed Before Penalty 1% Special homes have been erected for the homeless to take shelter in which makes them more content with their situation. Rare
Social Program Reform Homeless Allowed Before Penalty 2% Larger bridges are being built to accommodate the homeless who shelter under them. Rare
Efficient Social Programs Homeless Allowed Before Penalty 3% Food stamps are being handed out to the homeless to help keep them happy. Rare
Adaptive Social Programs Homeless Allowed Before Penalty 4% A large welfare system has been put into place that helps to provide for the homeless and needy. Rare
Social Growth Management Adjustable Colonist Growth 1 Colony-wide birth control measures have been developed to help us control the growth of our colonies. Ultra-Rare
Recreation Services Unemployment Without Penalty 3% City planners have devised a means to keep the jobless happy by installing free arcade games around all public buildings. Rare
Advanced Recreation Services Unemployment Without Penalty 4% Our analysts have projected that giving everyone a free laptop with some games on them will keep people out of work in a better mood. Rare
Holographic Simulators Unemployment Without Penalty 5% New holographic game systems are being erected in every building to help keep the jobless entertained. With so much fun stuff to do they wont worry about their lack of a job. Rare
Regulated Community Services Unemployment Upkeep

Reduct 5%
A community service schedule has been drawn up to allow the unemployed to clean the city for tips. Rare
Private Sector Social Policies Unemployment Upkeep

Reduct 10%
Colonies have new laws requiring all unemployed persons to help with cleaning the city any any money they find on the ground they can keep. This should aleviate some upkeep problems. Rare


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