Using the Colony Research Interface


The Colony Research Interface is the scientist’s best friend. To open this window, click the icon on the quick bar that looks like an orange flask. With this handy window you can communicate with your lead researchers in one colony simultaneously. While, the window displays several things to help you find what you are looking for, there are several things left out, so it is up to you, emperor, to know your projects well.

In the top two windows, you see several important things. The name in the top left is very important, along with the type of research being done. Select the name of the research you want to start. The cost of starting that particular research should now show in the top right hand window. An entry that has already been started shows another piece of valuable information, the count of research facilities already working on the project. These may all be visible from each research center, but having access to all of your facilities saves you time!

The middle section gives you the ability to add centers to a project and manipulate the queue. The bottom portion of the window includes two things you won’t see on an individual research facility window - the research facility’s production capacity and a Cancel button. The production capacity determines how fast that facility researches projects. The higher the number, the more often it is used by the research interface. When there are queued researches waiting, and a number of inactive research facilities with different capacities, the highest value facility takes the first item in the queue.

The bottom window also displays the progress of the research centers in that colony in block bar format. This feature is a relative gauge between projects and should not be used to judge the exact progress of your various researches. The two critical pieces of information missing from this interface that you will need to remember are Research Time and Production Costs. To initialize any special projects or ambiguously named designs at a research center in order accurately track your costs. Once you know your way around, feel free to use the Colony Research Interface all you like.

When you find a research you want to queue up, decide how many centers you want on the project, now or as they become available, select that research, add your number to the “Facilities to Assign” window, and click “Queue”. Should you decide to remove something that is queued up, select that item in the “Colonial Research Queue”, and click the “Remove” button. If you discover a research center doing something you don’t want it to be doing, click the green button next to that entry in the “Research Facilities” window to clear that research and make the research center available for new projects.


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