Using Multiple Research Facilities


What do you do when you have multiple research missions that need to be done and another colony might not be able to handle the job? Build more research centers of course. However, if it were that simple there would not need to be a section in this guide to talk about it.

Beyond Protocol allows for multiple research centers and allows them to do multiple researches simultaneously. This has great potential when you need a job rushed, and do not have time to wait for things like hot combat zones to get results.

Let’s go through a sample of how to breakdown the time reduction vs. costs. The research you need done costs 100 credits and if done by one facility will take five days. It imperative research and you really would like to cut down your wait time. Here is one choice you could make… add the research to five facilities – remember you have to pay the 100 credits to each facility you add to the research. For this example, your cost will be 500 credits. Research costs also involve minerals as well. If this research cost 500 copper in minerals, each time you added it to a facility 500 copper was deducted from your available resources. Obviously, this can get expensive depending on the research you are trying to accomplish, however the money spent might save you precious time.

Here is another consideration to take into account in analyzing your options. If you put your research in one facility, it takes the entire predicted time for the research to take place. However, with the power of using multiple facilities you can shorten the process. One facility by itself runs at only 50% of its full capabilities. When you attach a second facility onto the research it runs 50%, however, it raises the first facility to 100% output. Your time of completion has now dropped to five two and a half days instead of the original ten. After the second facility is added the percentage of time reduction decreases by half, in other words a third facility added would cut 25% more off the completion time, a fourth cuts 12.5% and so forth. This reduction can also be boosted by several other factors such as better research facilities that produce more points, factions and guilds, which will be discussed later.


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