Using All Arc


The all arc on a ship is represented by the yellow tiles on the hull builder, and are often placed in the center of a ship’s layout. This arc, not found on all ships, gives models with an all arc a unique role in a fleet. A weapon placed on this arc, is capable of firing in any direction, while the other arcs are limited to about ninety degrees of firing rotation. However, to achieve multidirectional fire, it is necessary that the weapons assigned here are contained entirely inside the all arc. It is impossible to place a weapon partly in the all arc and partly in another arc and retain this capability. The disadvantage of the all arc is the small size when compared to the rest of the ship, meaning this portion of a hull needs special consideration when drawing up new designs.

The main purpose of the all arc is to track fast moving objects which the ship itself cannot out maneuver. A weapon capable of tracking such a fast object must in general be smaller and thus more mobile. For maximum effectiveness it is recommended to design a smaller weapon to accommodate the specific slot you wish to use. Whether you fit one or multiple weapons on that area is a matter of strategy. A single weapon that deals large amounts of damage in every hit is effective against larger ships but against Fighters and missiles it could be a waste of damage per second - several lower damage weapons are more effective in that case. If Fighters or missiles are your problem, “Area of Effect” (AoE) on the all arc is the way to go. Bear in mind that AoE damages everything inside that area, even your own units. This can be harmful to a friendly fleet, or even a lone ship, so the key is moderation. Used correctly, AoE can bring down entire squadrons of Fighters or waves of missiles at once.

A second use for the all arc comes to light when equipping fast and maneuverable ships which normally do not have the proper arc facing the enemy long enough to use it. These include Fighters, Escorts and some Corvettes. Several frigates would qualify, but the entire frigate class is completely without the all arc feature. When placing the main gun on the all arc of a ship, chances are the overall power output of the engine will be low while the maneuverability will be high. In general, there will also be more room for shields or armor and either is a plus. As for strategy, in this case it is best to use these ships on a target without an all arc, then strafing the target while avoiding the side that fires back the most!

All arcs are useful, but they are not what makes or breaks a ship. Use them with respect and your pilots will thank you.


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