User Interface

Mini-Map: This displays the mini-map of your current environment, the cone displays the direction you are currently viewing and you can zoom in and out using the buttons (not shown), or by clicking on it and then using the mouse wheel. Units and structures appear on the mini-map with the display colors you have set in your options.

Chat Interface: The chat interface is split into various tabs which the user can create and define. Each tab only receives certain messages and sends messages by default to a certain channel, which again is user defined. You can type /help and /keymaps to get a list of commands.

Environment Info: This displays some basic information about your current environment. The name is in the top left, to the right of that the top number is your current/max command points. Directly beneath that is your current/max facility points. Beneath that is your current credits and your current cash flow in the environment.

Command Bar: The command bar displays the majority of the available sub screens in the game, for your convenience most objects on the command bar have been mapped to the F-Keys.
[F1] Help

The in-game help system.
[F2] E-mail The in-game e-mail system.
[F3] Battlegroups Create and order battlegroups.
[F4] Trade Check and set-up trade agreements.
[F5] Diplomacy View contacts and factions, declare war, set title.
[F6] Colony Information View detailed information on a colony.
[F7] Budget View detailed budget information on all colonies.
[F8] Mining View the mining interface for your current environment.
[F9] Agents View agents and set up missions.
[F10] Formations Create and manage unit formations.
Colony Research View and queue research colony-wide.
Available Resources View all available resource in an environment.
Command Window View all facilities and units in the environment.
[F11] Guild Window (No Icon) View and edit the guild menu.
[F12] Issue Tracker (No Icon) Opens a browser to the issue tracker, to report problems.


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