Unit Movement and Orders

To select a unit to move, left click on it or hold left mouse button, drag a box over it and release the button. Alternately, you can use the Keyboard Controls as listed in the previous section.

Once a unit is selected, right click anywhere in the current environment to issue a move order. To move units into space press backspace once, then right click in space. To move units from space to a planet, left click on the planet once then right click anywhere on the map.

Engineer hulls have the ability to repair and dismantle. This option is located to the right of the Orders tab. To repair a unit’s engine, left click on the wrench symbol, and right click on the target unit. To dismantle, left click the dynamite symbol, and then right click on the target you want to dismantle.

Units also have an Orders tab that shows the different Artificial Intelligence (AI) settings for units and a button that goes to the Route window. The AI orders allow you to set up targeting preferences, engagement patterns, combat tactics, and allows fighters to target components.


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