Trader Types


Calculating The Value Of Components

In the world of trade, anything is possible. Component traders come in many different forms. You have the techie, who can create the best black market deals around. The scavenger who loves his battlefields, and the wholesaler whose prices and quantities are as unbeatable as their quality is questionable. All traders fit into these three categories or, in the case of the crafter, are a mixture of more than one. When calculating the value of components it’s important to recognize the personality of the seller, this will help you avoid being scammed and give you an idea of how much they are willing to pay.

The Wholesaler

The friend to all and none, the wholesaler is a unique trader. They believe in low prices and large quantities - anything to free up storage space. These types of traders have daily, if not hourly, liquidation sales. If you need something cheap and now, this type of trader is very handy. It should be recognized that while cheap and in large quantities the quality will usually be rather low, so don’t expect anything revolutionary. However, if you need something pronto or a band-aid fix for a while, they’re your trader. The purpose of the wholesaler is to get their markets started and make a quick name for themselves. They enjoy helping out the younger empires and do not mind taking a possible and likely economic hit. They are the networking traders who, aside from the scavengers, can usually give you some Intel that you would normally have to steal. They are usually very social and try to make friends of everyone just like a scavenger would. However, wholesalers are short-term traders. With their low prices, they can upset whole economies and essentially are run out of town until the economy is stable - if not permanently.

The Scavenger

The scavenger can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. This trader roams the battlefields waiting to see stuff go boom. If there is a battle - there is a scavenger! Prices vary with the scavenger because they are based on what they deem is good at the moment. The scavenger has also been called the Universal Pawner. Since the scavenger posts only what they have collected, it is unnecessary to do any heavy direct trading. However, if you manage to get on one of these trader’s good sides you can be assured they will let you know of their latest haul before the public. Scavengers can also be free agents, if bought off correctly. Since they collect everything, you may just find yourself looking at what the enemy used against you. This also can be the case if you left something on the battlefield you don’t want others to know about. Overall, the scavenger is usually fair in their pricing, but they have been known to be outrageous on more than one occasion. Remember, they may not have a lot in terms of resources, but wit and brains are something they do not fall short of in most cases.

The Techie

The techie is a quiet trader; they allow their work to speak for them. It’s not known what the goals are for this type of person, aside from possible economical gain. It should be noted that the price does not always match the quality of work. However, it is wise to think about how the component being sold could be used against you if you decide to pass on it. This type of trader is also known to put up one and only one of a particular item up for sale, which then allows a more private real trade to occur. This type of advertising helps promote the under the table deals that the techie so enjoys. The techie has not allies or enemies and deals to anyone who’s willing to pay. They have been known to show up to hot zones to help one or even both sides of the conflict. If you should come across this type of trader, it is advised to cultivate good relations. It may not prevent you from ever being over the barrel with Techie, but it might prevent how often.

The Crafter

The crafter is by far the “master” of the traders. If you find one of these, count yourself extremely lucky. They are comprised of elements of all the other traders. You will see elements of the Techie in terms of their quietness and what abilities they possess. A highly skilled one will show you an element of the Scavenger when they reproduce what an actual scavenger has found and offer it for a better price. Finally, the crafter can mimic the Wholesaler by creating large quantities of the required component and sell it all for a very good price. These types of traders are by far the best friends of everyone. Each job is custom and confidential in most cases. This being said, you may have a Crafter among you and not even know it.


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