The Treaty Of Nusaken


Grandmaster Trader RavenWolf stood relieved as Grandmaster Malinko and Elite Admiral Megatron shook hands after having signed the momentous Treaty of Nusaken. Previous attempts to negotiate that had also involved Elite Admiral AntofDeath had resulted in harsh words and violent actions that had led Grandmaster RavenWolf to wonder if there would ever be an end to the conflict that had been raging between the Black Hand and his own Trader's Consortium for many weeks, but this breakthrough treaty would serve as a bastion of light and peace in a galaxy that was otherwise consumed with the lures of war.

The Grandmaster did not like conflict, preferring instead to create a profitable marketplace where peaceful trade routes led towards greater economic benefits for all, but war always seemed to be inevitable and, for many others, profitable as well. As such the Grandmaster found himself being drawn into a variety of conflicts that he would otherwise have avoided for the sake of economic prosperity. Such was the way of the galaxy these days, and it grew more obvious with each and every passing day.

Looking down at the now signed treaty he was happy that it was finally over and done with and another exhausting day of negotiations had finally come to a close. At last he could return to the marketplace and obtaining new wares to both buy, sell, and resell as the case may be, but always it remained the same. He would sit tight and wait while things happened, but hopefully one day this treaty would be remembered as a model for future conflicts so that all might come to acceptable terms and end their blood feuds as quickly and painlessly as possible. For now he would post the news to the galaxy…

The Treaty of Nusaken

This agreement is hereby entered into by all members of the Black Hand and the Trader's Consortium from this day forward and is considered legally binding in all jurisdictions of the Galactic Senate throughout the galaxy. Failure to adhere to the terms hereby stated will result in immediate expulsion from all owned systems, galactic scorn, and prompt discipline of the offending party will be administered by all parties involved.

Article 1) The Nexus system of Nusaken shall be considered neutral ground for all space flights with the intent purpose of wormhole travel only. Any garrisons of military forces in this system are strictly prohibited by all parties involved in this agreement.

Article 2) All colonies previously established in Nusaken by members of the Black Hand shall remain unharmed so long as they are used solely for non-military purposes. Failure to adhere to this article will authorize the use of force to remove this apparent threat to the neutrality of the offending colony or space fleet.

Article 3) Members of the Trader's Consortium are authorized to set up small mining and trade colony operations on the planets contained in the Nusaken system so long as they do not disrupt the already existing colonies established by the Black Hand.

Article 4) Sadr is to be declared a neutral ground between these two parties and all currently existing Black Hand colonies are to be removed from this system as part of the agreement. Military garrisons in this system are also prohibited. The Trader's Consortium may set up mining and trade operations in this system.

Article 5) Rana is to be declared the home system of the Black Hand Guild and no Trader's Consortium members will set foot inside this system. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract and use of force is authorized to repel this threat.

Article 6) Tegmen is to be declared the home system of the Trader's Consortium and no Black Hand members will set foot inside this system. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract and use of force is authorized to repel this threat.

Article 7) There will be absolutely NO blockading of any of the wormholes in Nusaken. This is considered a hostile action and war is authorized to repel this threat to the neutrality of the Nusaken wormholes.

Article 8) If a new wormhole is found in Nusaken, the finding guild has first claim on the system. In order to prove the finding of the system, the finding guild must leave one unarmed scout on the Nusakan side of the wormhole.

Article 9) Each side is authorized to have military forces blockading their home system's side of the wormhole from Nusaken. So long as this miltary force does not enter the Nusaken system this is not considered a breach of contract.

Article 10) Observers may be stationed (unarmed-non military unit) at each wormhole inside the Nusaken system to ensure that none of the terms of this agreement are breached.

Addendum 1) Military passage is allowed through Nusaken so long as their is absolutely no stopping while present in this system and the destination is either your home system's wormhole or the the wormhole to Sadr. Any other movement of military forces inside Nusaken is to be considered an act of war and will be met with open hostility by all offended parties.

Addendum 2) Military passage through Sadr follows the same rules as Addendum 1. Destinations must be to already known systems or to the home system.

This contract is legally binding and will take effect immediately upon the signing of Grandmasters RavenWolf and Malinko and Elite Admiral Megatron.

Such a beautiful document, the Grandmaster thought. He had worked so hard to ensure that the terms were acceptable to all parties and hoped for a lasting peace. Peace was the best environment for capitalism after all… and the Trader's thrived on a successful marketplace. For now it was done however, and peace had been restored. Only time would tell when his services might be needed again, but he hoped that that day would not be coming anytime soon.


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