The Rising Of A New Threat


Al sat slumped against the cell wall, how dare the commodore treat him like that. He had acted in the proper military way, it wasn't his fault that he didn't know about the new weapon settings till after he had activated them.

Al leaned his head back, this had all that he been able to think about for the last 3 weeks. He was now waiting for the results of his court-marshal after one hell of a weak trial. He had been made the scapegoat for the unlawful destruction of countless civilian structures. But Al knew he had now even destroyed one building before he had been replaced by commander Hayworth.

Al knew the court case had been politically rigged against him, he knew that it was politically better for the empire to blame civilian deaths on one foolish young inexperienced tactical officer than to admit that the commodore and commander of the "Sword of the Stars" had switched firing policies to target civilian targets.

Murray leaned his head forward, he couldn't however, believe for one moment that the Governor Jovien, a truthful and honest man would allow this lie to be continued. So Al had concluded that Jovien himself must of been behind the conspiracy against him.

A man tall man walked into view in front of the cell's barred doorway, "Son, you have disgraced the Kaidan military with your actions on Fadlar 12", said the man in a cold calculating way.

Al turned his head but the dim lights of the cell combined with a light behind the man made the man's face hard to see.

"No, NO, I didn't disgrace the kaidan, I may have misfired to begin with but I corrected my error shortly before I was relieved of duty! I'm telling you, please listen, they set me up, I didn't destroy any buildings, that happened after I left!!!", Al pleaded.

"And why should I beleive you when the court out there as already concluded that you are guilty?", asked the man.

Al got to his feet and moved towards the door, but was still unable to see the mans face, "Please, I didn't do what they claim I did. Check the ships logs I was relieved of duty, damn it!", cried Al.

The man stepped back and the light behind him illuminated his face enough for Al to see, "Hayworth!!!", Ali grasped.

The man smiled, "Don't worry Murray, I'm sure your execution will be quick."

Al standed back in shock, "EXECUTION?!??!", he stattered.

With that Hayworth turned and walked out of view. Al paused for a moment before launching himself at the barred door, "YOU GOD DAMN MONSTER, GET BACK HERE, YOU FRAGGING COWARD!"

As Hayworth reached the end of the detection corridor, he was met in the entrance doorway by commodore york.

"Did he know?", asked york.

"All he knows is that the setting were changed after I relieved him", replied Hayworth.

"Nothing more?", pressured york.

"Nothing more.", smiled Hayworth.

"Then we have nothing to worry about then!", stated the commodore.

"Not a thing.", replied Hayworth.

"Poor lad, he's only turned 19 and tomorrow he's going to be executed for what was a computer glitch.", muttered the commodore.

"A glitch that levelled 350,000 civilian homes with them inside.", stated the commander.

"I know you're right, if Jovien ever found out that the targeting computer on his flagship corvettes were deflictive he would execute all of his scientists in retaliation!", stated York.

"Commodore, perhaps we should say good bye to the boy, we owe him that much.", asked Hayworth.

The commodore rubbed his chin, "Yes I would hate to think his last thought of us is one of hatred and cowardice. He at least deserved our respect and to be looked in the eye."

Al paced back and forth in his cell going over what had just happened with Hayworth, could it be he really was setup. Has he paced he didn't notice york and hayworth standing infront of the doorway.

"Son…", Al stopped dead, he recognised the voice immediately.

"York!", Ali said in surprise.

The commodore smiled, "Son listen to me…"

Before he could continue Al bolted towards the cell door thrusting his arm through and grabbing the commodores tidy grey uniform jacket. Pulling back he yanked the surprised commodore face first into the metallic bars with a mighty chunk.

"Son, NO, listen for a second Al", screamed the commodore.

Al had now reached through and grabbed the back of the commodore's head pinning him completely against the bars.

"LISTEN?!!?!? Listen to your lies?!?!!? Listen to how you have betrayed me!?!?!? NO CHANCE!", yelled Al.

In the distance rapid footsteps could be heard approaching.

"Sorry", came a cold hard voice.

Turning his head Al could see Hayworth standing to the side of York with a pistol in hand.

Al was confused, his mind struggled to understand the meaning of Hayworth's actions, then came a bang, and a moment later Yorks slipped from Al's loosening grip.

"Why, why I don't understand…", said Al has he stared at the body of York on the floor, a bullet hole clearly visible in his left temple.

"Because… I don't like loose ends Al", said Hayworth.

Al stepped backwards away from the cell doors, barely able to comprehend what had just happened.

A loud thud sounded out and Al snapped out of it, looking down he could see the same pistol that had just killed York at his feet.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! He just shot the commodore!", screamed Hayworth.

Al mind snapped back to reality, and realised he was being setup. He bent down and grabbed the pistol from the floor, he had one chance, only one chance to stop this madness. Taking aim through the bars at Hayworth who stared straight at him, he fired. The shot smashed into Hayworths chest sending him backwards violently into the corridor wall and slumping down to the floor.

"He has a gun! where the hell did he get a gun?", came a scream from the corridor.

Has Al lowered his weapon, 2 men busted out infront of the cell armed with assault rifles, only a fraction of a second past before they saw the gun in Al's hand and them opening fire. Bullets ripped through Al's body before he fully realised the men were there. A second later his bullet ridden dead corpse hit the cell floor blood oozing across the cell floor, dripping from the back wall.

"Commander?", shouted one of the 2 men, "Commander", the men reached out to Hayworth touching his right shoulder. Hayworth's eyes opened and he began to cough.

"What happened???", he asked in a semi-concious state.

"You've been hit sir, please remain still.", replied the guard.

"Commodore york?", insisted Hayworth.

"Sorry sir he's dead, he was hit in the head.", informed the guard.

"Lieutenant Murray?", muttered the commander.

"He had a pistol sir, we killed him… how did he get the gun commander?", asked the guard.

"Al grab the commodore…", Hayworth coughed, "he took it out of the commodores holster then shot him."

The guard turned his head nad saw Yorks holster was empty.

"You're a lucky man commander that you were wearing that vest…", stated the guard.

"You have no idea….", smiled the commander, "…no idea at all."


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