The Fires Of War


:"V'Rix Covenant Journal Number : 26688
:Transmission Code : Seti Alpha
:Encryption Level : Black
:Origin : Planet : V'Rix


:"Two days after the Galactic War began and we still breath. Though we still battle our way through the Darkness, we have stood through the fires of Judgment. Strange times, these are, for our people. Much has changed since Lord Megatron started our great Nation. We are allied with once blood enemies fighting a greater evil. It has been proven, then, that some Demons are worse than others, and though many empires join us as friends, we must stay strong in our independent culture. I say now to you to join us to fight these "Horsemen" and our other Heretical enemies.

—Lord Ravage"


:Tainted Charity Security Record : 92J—738
:Transmission Code : —
:Encryption Level : White
:Origin : Station : Tainted Charity


"Assessment, Fleet Master" Ravage commanded.

"Two scout groups were attacked by the Heretics in Rutal and Kitalpha, your holiness." Fleet Master began. The Fleet Master stood tall in his golden armor. His armor shined in the light from the nearby sun through the bay doors. "The Rutal group was lost and no records of their finds have been transmitted successfully. They must have been corrupted in the battle."

Ravage rubbed his chin looking at the holo map display of the Rutal system. He switched it to the Kitaplha system and continued to pace.

"The Kitaplha group has some survivors, however, and they are en route to this station as we speak." The Fleet Master continued. "The Kitalpha outpost was also hit and crippled by the Heretic's attack. The damage can be repaired, however, but is extensive."

"Thank you, Fleet Master." Ravage said, signaling him to sit. "Ship Master Voro, I want you to take your battle group and scout the nearby planets for anything unusual. Then move back in and guard Tainted Charity."

"Yes your Holiness" Voro said, saluting.

"Ship Master V'Dar, take Shadow of Intent and set an intercept course with the Kitalpha survivors. Rendezvous with them and escort them here. Crush any enemies at will and report to me any conflict."

"As you command, Lord Ravage!" V'Dar said, saluting.

"Ship Master T'Ras, I need you to gather your battle group at a specific point I have sent to your Nav officers. When assembled contact me on a private channel. I have a special task for the Incorruptible."

Ravage looked over his men shortly. "Ship Masters dismissed. Fleet Master, stay a bit, I have another matter to discuss with you."

The three Ship Masters leave the room—



:V'Rix Covenant Journal Number : 22646
:Transmission Code : Beta Solari
:Encryption Level : Black
:Origin : Planet : V'Rix


—Lord Ravage"


Ravage, entrenched in deep thought of recent events, sat in his office when the sound of gunshots broke the solemn quiet. The fast POP POP POP sounds came from the office currently being held by the Sang'Heili. As soon as that, a quiet day was interrupted by he sounds of soldiers battling in the halls. Ravage quickly grabs his nearby Officer's Pistol and heads for the door, but stops short when the door blasts open and fills with his elite guard.

"Sir, get down! A revolt has broken out!" one of the Spectre special ops troops said.

Some revolt, Ravage thought, if the Spectres are falling back into a defensive.

His thought was once again interrupted by guns firing. Looking toward the door, more Spectres, but these were not wearing the seal of the V'Rix, instead a new seal. This one was a diamond but with the top left and bottom right quadrants having slits in it. That symbol can only mean one thing…

"You are beaten, Ravage, come out from your hole." The voice commanded. Ravage knew that voice. The voice of a ghost. Megatron.

"Megatron, what are you doing? Turning my Spectres against me?!"

"You know damn well what I'm doing. I'm taking control again. You have failed us for the last time."

Ravage , standing to face his former master, drops his gun and begins to protest, but is cut off.

"Since you have taken power you have managed to turn a galaxy against us. Quite the feat. However, it ends here. I, Megatron, am assuming control. You have failed us in Cursa, caused "a bit" of tension with the Galactic Alliance, ignored the outer colonies, lost Rutal, destroyed a very short lived "PGF", and LOST DSIBAN! Dsiban was our home. I'm not even going to try and count the lost military assets. Numerous fleets, legions of troops, and even space stations. You, my friend , are a disappointment to me. My greatest failure."

Ravage could only watch as Megatron approached, drawing his sword.

"And now, to fix my only blemish. Good bye."

And with a single swipe of the sword Ravage fell to his knees, then to his side. Everything got cold and dark.

"Open a direct comm with the Bloodied Spirit. We need to fix things." he could hear Megatron say.

Then it grew dark…

"Bloodied Spirit, this is Megatron. Put me through with Ship Master Voro" Megatron commanded the Bloodied Spirit's Comms Officer over the Holo-Comm.

"Yes, Lord Megatron." The Comms Officer said. Then in an instant Voro appeared. the Holo was nearly life size coming up from a projector in the floor.

"Ship Master Voro, I'd like to begin by saying how impressed I am with your tactics during the Dsiban Blitz. You managed to keep most of your battle group alive in a galaxy wide trek. None of the others survived, which puts me out a Fleet Master." Megatron said looking up from his data pad.

"Thank you, m'Lord." Voro replied, bowing his head slightly.

"Yes," Megatron said, crossing his arms behind his back and standing up straight, "Which brings me to my next point, Fleet Master Voro. I need you to assemble all the local battle groups under your command and sweep the wormhole area, then stand guard. I don't want any more visitors."

"Thank you M'Lord. It will be done by your command." Voro replied, obviously hiding a smile.

"I will report to you again with another task when everything is in order. Megatron out." And with that he closed the Comm.

"And as for you all," He said, turning to the Spectres, "I want you to go the Sang'Heili offices and purge their AIs of all this "V'Rix" religious non-sense. Then re-enter the imperial codes as I have instructed on your data pads. We are now officially the Systems Federation."

"Yes, Lord Megatron." They all yelled in unison, then left the room.


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