The Controls

Camera Controls:

Pan the camera with the arrow keys or by holding the cursor near the edge of the screen.
To pan: use the arrow keys
To rotate: right click and move the mouse
To zoom: scroll the mouse or hit the Z key and use the arrow keys.
Pressing Alt with a unit selected will show the radar range wherever your mouse hovers.

Chat Controls:

“/help” or "/" in game or use the chat icon in the command bar
Syntax Description
/pm <playername> <msg> OR /t <msg> Send a private message to a player.
/r <msg> Reply to the last private message you received.
/alias <msg> Sends a message to all players aliased to you.
/<channelname> <msg> Sends a message to the specified channel.
/keymap Shows a list of keymaps.
/played Shows the amount of time you have played.

For other controls like open, make admin, setpassword, leave chat channel and invite, kick players from channel can be found under Open Chat Channel Configuration Window.

Hotkey List

"/keymap" in game
Ctrl + E Selects your next Utility Vehicle
Ctrl + F Selects next facility
Ctrl + I Selects next idle unit
Ctrl + N Selects next unit or facility
Ctrl + Q Immediately close the game
Ctrl + P Selects next unpowered facility in the environment
Ctrl + S Selects all objects similar to the currently selected object
Ctrl + U Selects next unit
Ctrl + (0-9) Assigns selected objects to Control Group selections, clears the current selection

Adding Your Own Music

Adding your own music to the game client’s playlist is very simple, simply take your MP3 files and do the following:

There are three folders in the Beyond Protocol directory which contain music files: Excite, Intro, and Lull. Any files in the Intro directory will be played on the login screen and only then. Any files in the Excite directory will be played during combat. Any files in Lull will be played when the previous two conditions are not met.

To add your own files to the game’s playlist, you simply copy the music file into either the Excite, Lull, or Into directories, which can be found in the Audio directory in your Beyond Protocol folder (the default install directory is “C:\ProgramFiles\Dark Sky Entertainment\Beyond Protocol\Audio\”).

A step-by-step guide:

Navigate to the Audio directory, which is located in the Beyond Protocol directory.
Right-click the file you wish to copy into either the Excite, Lull, or Intro directory and select “Copy”.
Right-click the Excite, Lull, or Intro directory and select “Paste”.
The next time your game runs, the client will select a file from the appropriate directory and your music files will play.

SMS Messaging

In Beyond Protocol, you can also response to attack, bidding on mineral, auto rebuild, change relationship etc without logging into the game, but simply type the short message from your cell phone.
E-mail Received Possible Response Description
Out bid on a mineral SET BID XX XX is the new bid
Automatic rebuild started CANCEL Cancels the rebuild AI
Low resources BUILD XX XX is quantity of the low item to build
Relationship changed
MATCH RELATIONS Sets the target score to the same score that was set to you



Sets the target score to the score indicated
RAISE FULL INVULNERABILITY Raises the full invulnerability field
Under Attack
ATTACK USING XX XX can be Half, All or a Battlegroup name
RAISE FULL INVULNERABILITY Raises the full invulnerability field
LAUNCH TO ATTACK Launches units in the environment being attacked


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