The Beginnings Of The 4


In the beginning there was darkness and from this darkness 4 arose to embrace it so that others would not have to. They took it upon themselves to right the wrongs of the people who were unwilling to do so for themselves. They were each given a name: Famine, War, Death and Pestilence. Alone they were these but together they were the riders of the apocalypse. Riders of balance and keepers of the evils that man dare not want. Look at by many as slayers of the innocent but to some saviors to the misfortuned these riders have and will continue to be with us until time itself says no more. Whereever there is conflict they are there, where ever there is corruption they are there, they are everywhere and nowhere. As long is there is light there will be dark and as long as there is dark there will be the 4 horsemen.

Universal date entry 1028 – 07

Chaos strikes the Cursa system and from the ashes of what was once a peaceful system arose the 4. As to what caused this mass exodus the records are not clear. However, after the exodus it was clear what was born from it. With the bones of destroyed fleets they amassed their armies and built their empire. The first to strike was War and Death. These two made killing as easy as breathing. They ripped through six planets in what would take most empires years they did in weeks. No warning and no remorse they were searching for something but for what was unknown. Their war cry was the screams that echoed the empires they invaded. Their calling card was the blood that fueled the fires of burning buildings and ships. These were the first to arise but not the last.

Universal date entry 1031 – 07

Pestilence saw what was being done and decided that he too would join in the amusement known as destruction. His was a far worse escapade then even War or Death could have ever brought about for his was slow, merciless and hideous. In a matter of days he swept across the remaining seven planets of the Cursa system and slowing began to torture their inhabitants until nothing was left. However, the worst blow was yet to come for despite being unimaginable most outsiders to this system, which was anyone not in Cursa, could not have given a care in the world. For what was a lonely system like Cursa to them? That is what they all said to each other. However, in their minds there was one thing they did care about and they would never believe it to happen….

Universal date entry 1106 – 07

With the system almost picked clean Famine felt there was nothing he could do to really have fun like his brothers had. That was until he got wind of a certain empirical leader that the other three had so graciously overlooked. His name was Aurelius and even the people of neighboring systems new of his existence, so what better way to induct a chaotic presence then remove this Deity of men. Famine knew what he had to do. He discussed the plan with his brothers, but they paid not much heed to it for they were digesting their carnage still. However, soon it would be Famine’s turn to feast on glory. Without warning Famine swooped down out of the sky and invaded Aurelius’s empire. While the people of this empire had no appetite for destruction and chaos, he had one big enough to share. The empire tried to react but it was too late, Famine had destroyed any hope of defense when he first landed after taking out all of the empires’ production facilities. After the empire was destroyed a shockwave effect happened. Neighboring systems began to panic and the unthinkable had happened. At this point the only thing neighboring empires could do was pray this darkness did not besiege them.

They of course wouldn’t have to wait long to get their answer… But that’s a story that will have to wait.

Months passed and there was silence among the systems. Most had forgotten about the news of Cursa. However, that was about to change and in a way most would never see coming.

Universal date entry 1206 – 07

While on a scouting mission for valuable debris Pestilence came across a strange glowing object. The light was blinding yet enticing. Despite being of the dark he was able to stare at its entrancing glow without fear. He returned quickly to his brothers and told them of his find. Famine wasted no time and was quick to respond sarcastically that it was only the sun. Death and War got a good laugh from this remark, but Pestilence was determined. When all of a sudden a voice came to them and said, “Congratulations you have found a wormhole.” Any speech that was about to be spoken had been silenced. The room was quiet, however in the inner workings of all four minds they were screaming with anxiousness. Without delay they sent their scientists to study this anomaly of light but in their hands would be used to the darkest of intentions.

Universal date entry 1210 – 07

As you could have guessed by this entry the Four wasted little time in figuring out the secrets of this fabled wormhole. Many scientists died due to exhaustion and mental frustration. In the end however the Four got their wish. It was Famine that achieved the secrets first but Death was the first to go through since he had kept a fleet parked by this gate of destruction and freedom. Pestilence and War would follow soon after and the system of Sargas would have no idea what was coming for it.

Universal date entry 1212 – 07

Sargas was a tiny system. It contained only 6 planets and most of those planets were small. Death wiped this system clean in a night without any resistance. The people of the Sargas system didn’t have a chance. Death crowned himself emperor the following morning. As the blood red sun rose the crown lowered onto his head. However, this would not be the end. This system was barely an appetizer for the hunger that now grew inside the Four and especially in Death. At this point they knew if there was one wormhole there were others and now it was time to capitalize on a shocked galaxy and find the other wormhole where abbots. It wouldn’t take long…

Universal date entry 1216 - 07

Grummium was a peaceful trading system. They knew of only trade and commerce. This system had only experienced minor conflicts but nothing along the lines of total annihilation of a planet let alone what was heading for them. Grummium was a large system that contained 16 planets, slightly larger than Cursa, but without any resistance it would take only a 1/2 of the time to destroy. Death showed that night how much pent up energy his empire had and how restless it was. In a matter of hours the system was wiped clean. Except for a small planet. Grummium II. A ruler named Raven lived here and he had built a fleet and had some defenses. However, Death did not pay any attention to this. Darkness engulfed Raven’s empire, but just as the planet was “cleansed” Raven let it be known that he would have his revenge and his people would be avenged. With that he disappeared into the darkness. However, little did Death know Raven would be seen again and in a form he and the rest of the Four would not expect.

Universal date entry 1221 – 07

They had not been stopped… There had been resistance, but they had not been stopped. Worse yet with the randomness of a wormhole there was no way to predict where and when they would show up next. A perfect ally to a very volatile enemy and the Four loved every minute of it. They were especially intrigued by the Avoid system. One of the few that boasted about posing a threat to the Four. Avoid also flaunted quite openly they were ready for the Four. While it was true that Avoid had superior technological advancement, they did not have from what the Four could see very high military awareness. However, for once it was Avoid that made the first strike. They invaded without warning into Cursa’s heart. While drawing first blood had been in their favor the rest of the fight would not be. Death and War had watched Avoid’s fleets move out from their wormhole and the 2 brothers wasted little time in back-dooring the inexperienced fleets. Pestilence slowed the Avoid reinforcements down in the Sargas system and Famine was left to defend Cursa herself. Debris and blood could have formed a hundred new moons if the gravity of certain planets had allowed it. While Avoid did have a technological advantage as stated earlier the Four had shown that adaptability was an excellent counter.

Universal date entry 1225 – 07

The fighting had continued for this long and no winner had been declared. All systems’ eyes were on Avoid and their prayers wanted the Four gone. However, the Four were relentless and they continually showed that experience can counter technology. As the suns set across all the systems the peoples prayers were answered, but so were the Four’s. Seemingly in an instant there was light blinding all around and annihilating the Four from the Galaxy and when the light ceased there was nothing but darkness and cold, heartless space. After this point life ceased and all historical records are lost… No one has any recollection as to what really happened. However, anyone listening to this tale is entitled to his or her opinion…

However, this is only the final part to the intro for the real story… the story of what happens when Legends return. (Wink)


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