Space Defense Turrets


These turrets of the stars can be used in one of three ways. The first is the most common and basic of the three setups, the Defense Ring. This setup consists of between eight and ten of these turrets in a ring formation around your planet to add maximum exposure to the targets. The turrets will be armed with between one and four weapons. You may add additional weapons as deemed necessary. This setup also comes with two variations offensive and defensive.

The defensive version is there to defend your home world or potentially a very valuable group of space stations. The offensive scenario is one of a blockade strategy. This takes a little more effort. The overall plan is to have a fleet of cargo ships with the appropriate amount of resources in a battle group with eight to ten engineers. This will allow you to build the ring in one go and if the enemy finds out it also allows you to have back up to help finish the job. It is advised to have an escort of some kind just in case.

The second, is the Four corner approach. This setup allows for numerous planets to be covered in one System, but also takes some skill in placement. The skill comes into play because the placement must be at the detection range of the turret while at the same time the turrets must be angled in a way that they can help protect each other. While it is important for the previous set up as well, in this version it is crucial. Furthermore, for this setup it is recommended to use weapons that have area of effect damage to maximize damage output. However, with this being said it is also advised that if you do use area of effect damage to reduce your visible radar range by at least five in order to avoid hitting your other turrets.

The third setup is unique and if done correctly can definitely put your enemy in a bind. This setup is known as the Hornet’s Nest. This strategy replaces the stationary weapons with fighters. Ensure when using this strategy that you set all turrets to “launch all children” in the orders menu for the structure, otherwise the outcome will be disastrous. This strategy has multiple variations of execution and really it comes down to the empire’s willingness to experiment to find out which ones are the most useful.

Another variation is an IED setup. This setup is to destroy convoys of resources. Essentially to use this variation effectively you need to scout your System fairly well. Simply put a few turrets along the route and set the orders and forget it. Now the question some will ask is why not just park the fighters there? Well two reasons this is a better way to go. First, you are not wasting Command Points because they will be docked. Secondly, your fighters will be more secure from an initial attack, or in general if you decide to change the orders, due to the armor bonus.


Space defense turrets are worth one Facility Point (FP) and have a max hull size of 11,200. Furthermore, they get an armor bonus of 1000% (10x) and a range bonus of 1.1 times your visible range. In addition they can have a shield very early, which compared to most other structures is unthinkable till mid to late game. If all that wasn’t enough, assuming you can pull it off you are allowed to place up to twenty individual weapon slots.


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