Solar Systems


There are three types of Solar Systems (often called "Systems'), and they are defined by the types of wormholes that connect them to other systems.

The first system a player will encounter is a spawn system. When a player first exits the tutorial, they spawn into a spawn system. This system has only one wormhole in it, connects to a hub system, and the wormhole does not become active until a ship in the spawn system passes through it from the spawn system’s side. This means that until a player in a spawn system chooses to pass through the wormhole and connect to a hub system, the spawn system will not be accessible to outsiders.

A hub system is a system that spawn systems are connected to, and connect to hub-hub systems. The same principle that affects spawn system wormholes affects hub-to-hub-hub wormholes; a wormhole to a hub-hub will only become active once a ship in the hub system enters it.

The hub-hub systems are connected to hub systems, and to other hub-hub systems. All the hub-hub systems in the galaxy are chained together linearly; the newest hub-hub system connects directly to the second-newest, and so on. Hub-hubs will be important strategic points, because each system is a chokepoint for travel and commerce across the galaxy.
HubHub System Contains wormhole connections to 3 neighborhoods and 2 other HubHub systems.
Neighborhood Contains 2 Hub systems, 2 Spawn systems and 2 Respawn systems.
Hub System Contains wormhole connections to 1 Spawn system,1 Respawn system the other Hub system in the same neighborhood and one HubHub system.
Spawn System Where new players begin. Contains 1 wormhole to a Hub system.
Respawn System Where dead players get placed. Contains 1 wormhole to a Hub system.


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