Siggy And Inventing


To invent a new … anything … the process is much the same. In this tutorial, were going to use a Storage Facility to give our example, basically because that's what i used most :D

first select the research facility, and click build. Now, click on hull. Give it a name, i called mine Storage Hull

Now, hit over on the frame next to escort ship until you get to facility, and change the facility to other.

Edit: Do not use a mining facility, a trading post or a refinery to make this hull or the because these hulls have specific roles already assigned to them:
Mining Facilities don't share the resource pool with other buildings thus the need for cargo trucks
Space ports need to have things assigned to them through an interface.
Refineries can be used but they will always be seen as Refineries by Cargo Trucks, so they will deliver to them thus you do not want to use this hull for a front line defence building :D

Now, notice the error messages on the lower right side, basically this doesn't tell you anything, basically, all of the little squares default to armour, so it reads armour in the yellow, which is the most protected and the last to take damage, so it doesn't let you put armour there.

Switch the slot palette to cargo bay, (its right in the middle of the screen) and start click dragging all around your rainbow coloured facility until all of the blocks have a hollow square inside them … if you're not that risky, you can put some armour on there if you want. give it a name and a HP rating and tell them what you want it made out of … this facility will cost that material.

then submit the design … now you'd think after all this, you'd be done, but you'd be wrong :D

wait for the component to design, scroll to in the window and research it. now hit the prototype button.

select the hull that you just made. give it a name and armour if you wish … and submit

now you're still not done :D

just research the designed prototype, and then you can build it w00t you're done.


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