Setting up Manual Supply Routes


In order to get your mining operation running decide on the final destination for the minerals. If you are bringing them to a planet, build a Space Station over the planet as a drop point for the Haulers. Set a route starting at the drop point and include the pickup points for all minerals, then select the planet as their destination.

Next, build a Space Station over the planet where the mining will take place. First set the starting waypoint from where the hauler will pickup the resources and then leave to go to space. Once in space, set the next waypoint to the Space Station. Remember, if you use all the routes, all the time, you will be overwhelmed with minerals faster than you can use them or build warehouses for their storage. Once the Space Station starts to fill up with minerals, you are ready to set up the Hauler to move them from this Space Station to the drop off point. Set the first waypoint to the Space Station doing the mining and pickup all minerals. Set the second waypoint to the drop off point and unload - then begin the route. If your minerals are coming in too fast, consider adding more Haulers to move them to the drop off point faster.

With your routes complete, the minerals will continue to flow back to your planet of choice until the mines are exhausted or the Space Stations are full. Check on both the Space Stations and mines frequently to keep your empire running smooth.

How To Build A Trade Station

Select the Outpost I Hull1.
Allocate 50% Cargo, 25% Hangar, and bay doors equal to the hull size of your Cargo Hauler.
Allocate the remaining hull space to engines.
Research and prototype

How To Build A Cargo Hauler

Select the Assaulter Hull Type.
Allocate maximum cargo, only leave space for your engine and crew.
Build an Engine with max speed, minimum maneuverability, and enough power to meet cargo requirements.
Research your hull and engine then build your prototype.

Tip If your routes are being attacked by piracy, consider some relay points with some small Space Stations armed to handle attacks, and add some patrol or escort crafts to your routes.


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