Research Facilities


Your mineral sector is where all your minerals are discovered. As time goes on you will get special promotions for this sector which will allow you to hire more geologists. Next to the mineral branch is the alloy sector. This sector works closely with the factories and refineries of your colony to help create and manufacture fusions of minerals. As time goes on, this sector will get technology advancements that will allow better fusions to occur.

The engine sector is where all of your engines, both structural and unit power, are designed. As technology becomes available, this sector will be able to increase the power output for structural and increase the speed, maneuver and thrust capabilities of your units. The shield development sector and the hull design sector, as well as the engine sector, talk with each other constantly to keep up to date on the latest advancements.

The shield sector at times may get ahead of the engine or hull sector, so don’t give up hope if a breakthrough occurs and you cannot yet implement it. It should be noted that the hull and prototype sectors of the research facility are in constant communication with not only each other but with the rest of the sectors. They are the supplier of all of the designs and physical models.

The weapon sector, is the largest sector of the research facility. The advancements offered might be determined by what type of weapons you have called for most often. Radar and navigation systems are probably the hardest to advance in terms of fine-tuning due to the many variations of radar.

Now that we have discussed the different sectors of the research facility, let’s focus on how intelligence works. You may have noticed on your colony window (F6) an entry that says Intelligence. You may be wondering why your intelligence goes up or down when research facilities are added or turned off. The reason is because not every colonist has the ability to be a researcher.

If you have an abundance of jobs for research, the research facilities will acquire whatever talent they can until they have enough warm bodies doing the work of the facility. If the research facility hires too many people, they will be required to lower their standards because the supply of the smartest people is finite. This is how intelligence is actually calculated. To counter this you need to offset and introduce a separation effect – namely build factories or other job supporting facilities to help sort out your rocket scientists, while sending your unqualified population to other various jobs. Your base intelligence starts at 100 and will max out at 160. The goal is to provide enough “normal” jobs so scientists, and only scientists, can be introduced into the facilities. This is hampered when numerous research facilities are added at one given time. However, by doing this you may increase the speed of the research, which was discussed in an earlier section. Also you can raise your starting intelligence potentially by redesigning a new research facility.


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