Repairing Units


Units can be repaired, however you should use discretion deciding which ones, and when this is cost effective for you and when it is better to dismantle the unit and salvage the parts.

In general, a green unit will probably cost more to repair than to rebuild, as they are the basic starter units. Engines can be repaired at no cost to you so you should consider this when possible. Elite units that you have spent time and money researching and building could be worth repairing back to full strength.

You can repair all the armor arcs and any missing components or broken doors on your units but you cannot repair facilities. Repairing armor arcs requires the plates to be available in your colony and costs many credits. Repairing the structural integrity takes some of the same mineral that was required to make the hull as well as credits. Repairing any components requires that component to be in your colony somewhere.

For big battleships, it is advised to make a small hangar onboard. Here you can store a space engineer just in case you need one to come out and repair an engine after a battle. If you have cargo ships loaded with replacement components and minerals hidden away in a far off system where you are fighting, you could send that same engineer down to a planet, pop up a little base, repair your units or build new ones, and continue with your fighting.


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