Rakura S Debt Management


Ever wonder why after you logged out and then re-logged or while you are in game your economy is going down rather then going up? Well this may be because of several factors in combination or single problems that have just been allowed to carry on for too long. This guide will look at those factors and how to correct them.

First off lets look at Command points:

Command points are points used by your units and facilities. Your base command points are set at 300 but will improve as your empire develops. If this number gets too high, even by 1 point, but specifically more than 1.5 times greater then your base command points then your society will start to be heavily impacted. You will also be notified by your Command Points turning both red and orange in color.


I have 30 Cargo trucks and have sent them all out at once. On top of that I have 20 Light Fighters and 20 Hover Tanks to fend off pirates. However, most of my vehicles have been sitting idle for quite some time and thus Command Points have started accumulating.

While this doesn’t seem like a problem at first in the long run of things say a 20 minute time frame it can become a life or death situation in terms of your ability to play the game. So what can we do to fix this problem?


Select units that you feel you don’t need that are currently in play and instruct them to move to a factory. You can do this by high-lighting several units and then clicking on the factory. The units will then be docked inside. You can recall these units later if you wish by selecting the factory and opening the contents section. From there you should see a list of vehicles stored in the hanger. To retrieve these units simply click the launch button for individual units or launch all for all of them.

Also another way to bring down command points is to ensure you have not turned on "Auto-launch" on all your buildings. If you have turned this feature to on state for such facilities as a Power Plant or Residence facility ensure that it is either set or reset to the off position. This is because by default, if there are units in them, they will launch and take more CP perhaps unexpectedly.

Secondly lets discuss Morale:

Morale is essentially how happy are your people in this colony. The higher the morale the better. While not the best 40 is sufficient to continue to accomplish things. Anything lower then that and you might wanna consider fixing some things. However, what do you need to fix? First, ask yourself these questions:

Is my population higher then my available jobs?

Are my taxes set too high?

Do I have enough housing for my population?

If you answered I don’t know or negatively to any of these questions lets take a look at each and see how we can improve upon it.

Population VS Jobs:

If your population is higher then your jobs available its time to start building facilities with high job content such as Factories or Starports. While time consuming sometimes to build it will eventually help bring you back into control


To fix this problem you have to realistic as to what you would really do if you were in the same situation as your colonists. Would you really pay 100% of your paycheck to the government. The answer is no. In Beyond Protocol the colonists are smart and will simply tax evade you after a while thus allowing your expenses to get out of control.

Housing Vs Population:

To see if you need housing simply minimize your colony window and mouse over the person icon. It will display what your population is and how many homeless you have. Homeless become part of your expense report and you will pay for them. The fix to this problem is to simply build additional Residential Facilities.


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