A critical component for any combat unit, radar is necessary in order for a unit or structure to see or fire weapons. No more than one radar may be placed on a given Hull.

Type: Active Radars have the ability to detect units as dots at ranges beyond their visual range and they can utilize radar jamming.

Weapon Accuracy: This value is multiplied by the accuracy of each weapon mounted on the unit.

Scan Resolution: This value counteracts the Radar Resistance of another unit’s armor.

Optimum Range: This value determines the sight range of the unit and the maximum range at which the unit will fire.

Maximum Range: This value allows the detection of other units that are beyond Optimum Range as dots on the screen.

Disruption Resistance: This value allows this radar to counteract the effects of another unit’s Radar Jamming.

Jamming Immunity: Selecting a Jamming Type here will make the radar completely immune to jamming of this type.

Jamming Effect: This determines the type of jamming this radar will use to jam other units.

Jamming Strength: This value determines how strong this radar’s jamming effect will be. The Disruption Resistance of other units counters it.

Jamming Targets: This value determines the number of targets that this radar can jam at once. Leaving it set to zero indicates that this radar will jam all enemy units within its area of effect.


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