Purchasing Components


While not as essential as engines, these components are important. The number of different prices equals the number of different variations of radar. When buying radar, keep in mind the jamming effect -the radar is more pricey than normal types. The same goes for the resolution style radar, simply due to the work involved in manufacturing a good one. In the end, radar is usually worth the price paid, but you should bargain hunt before making a final decision.

Armor is useful and is a moneymaker for the wholesaler. Armor is in high demand, just like engines, however it can be produced very quickly and in large quantities if necessary. When looking for good armor to buy look at the details carefully – again, there may be a reason it is so cheap or in such a large quantity. When a unit or structure fails, it’s usually the armor that’s the first to go. SP wholesalers (and scavengers alike in some cases) love to sell in bulk. Keep in mind, just because it has high resistances or hit points, does not mean it is a good piece of armor. The techies or crafters are good traders to look for when shopping for armor, but you may be shocked by the prices at times.

If you are able to find shields, they are usually worth the price. Remember, shields are very difficult to make and so usually very pricey - even for something that seems small. This only becomes truer as you search for increasing projection sizes. “Buyer Beware”, as cheap shields may be cheap for a reason. It could possibly go back to the noise that certain components produce so keep this in mind when buying or selling. It may seem like a good deal because of the shield attributes, but when you view the power consumption and hull usage, you may want to think twice. The techie or crafter may be sought out in the end, but if you need quick shields, the scavenger is your best friend at times. The wholesaler can be as well but be cautious when buying from them.

Engines are used by everything in the universe - whether a structure or unit. Engine size can range from a light Fighter all the way up to the biggest colony power planet. Thus, values are set depending on which style you find. When looking for an engine you must keep in mind what you want to do with it and how many you may need.

This is true for all components of course, however, with engines the quantities are slightly more life and death. The traders will know this and so price will be an issue here. As you would expect, the more awesome the engine is, then the higher the price. “Awesome” to most players would be 50,000 power generators, especially if you can find them in bulk.

Taking this mentality a step further, an engine that costs 10 billion and is only for a fighter may seem like crap to some, but awesome to others. Since power engines are more coveted, they will tend to be higher priced than vehicle engines. As the size of the unit increases, this generalization will vary.


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