Protecting Space Trade Posts


You can direct trade to a space Tradepost, the advantage of this is that you can easily reinforce yourself if your trade post is out in the middle of space. It does involve a little luck, when doing so, but it might just save your situation. The disadvantages are that it involves a little luck and if the delivery time is longer than anticipated it might not help.

You can also use the hangar space in it to store ships on board to launch when under attack. However, this will limit the amount of available hanger space for sellable goods. Another option is to place a fleet around it. The downside is you will use valuable command points that could be spent elsewhere.

You could also simply arm the trade post with enough weapons to keep the enemy at bay until reinforcements can arrive. It is recommended you put a combination of weapons on this structure to allow for close and long range fighting. It is wise to store extra weapons, radar, and engines onboard.

Finally, you could choose to build up other space stations or space defenses around it and let them do the fighting for your trade post. Most empires have chosen this option as it allows them to focus on other aspects of their business. Some empires have even had a mixture of Carrier, and Battle Station type Space Stations for different scenarios. Note - this is a very expensive undertaking and you may want to look at your economy before deciding to choose it. Also realize that, whether you intend to use a full size station or a space defense station, you are limited across that entire expansive environment by your facility points. Space defense stations will use up this total much more slowly, but they are also many times smaller.

This structure is an investment and should be looked at as such. If you feel you do not have the resources or time to invest into a station then wait and do not build one right now. Remember, this structure is not necessary for survival, but it will make life easier if you can maintain it.

Protecting Your Assets with a Space Station as Storage

A great way to keep your minerals safe is to hide them in an armed Space Station. A large Space Station whose location is secret, paired with a hangar full of Fighters is a floating warehouse that can hold millions of minerals. A Battle Station with millions of armored plates and some of your biggest guns, can hold over ten million minerals with plenty of room for hangar bays, residential, and more. Be sure to spread your valuables among a few stations to avoid the risk of having all your eggs in one basket.


The space trade post is one of the most vulnerable and heavily targeted structures in the universe of Beyond Protocol. There are several reasons for this with the main one being that just like your planetary tradepost. You’re allowed one space tradepost per system. Since, the space tradepost offers the ability not only to accept bigger shipments of goods, but also the ability to sell and trade larger units.


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