Projection Type: This is the method used to propel the projectile from the weapon. Choices include either Magnetic or Explosive. The choice affects the properties desired for the weapon's Projection Material. You'll probably want to base this decision on the minerals available to you. Otherwise this has no effect on the weapon's end result.

Cartridge Size: The cartridge size affects the weapon's maximum damage.

Pierce Ratio: As a projectile weapon, the primary damage types are naturally Impact and Pierce. The Pierce Ratio is a percentage value ranging from 0 to 100. A value of zero indicates that you want 100% of the damage to be of the Impact type. A value of 100 indicates that you want 100% of the damage to be of the Piercing type.

Rate of Fire: Often typed as RoF, this value is actually the number of seconds between shots. Therefore if you increase RoF, you're actually firing slower. Once you know that, it's straight-forward enough.

Maximum Range: This value determines how far the weapon can fire. Keep in mind that no weapon can fire further than the radar's Optimum Range.

Payload Type: This only affects Payload 2. Payload 1 is always the same. Your choices here to start out with are either No Extra Payload or Explosive. Possibly other payloads will become available through Specials research. What you choose will affect the properties desired for Payload 2 and the damage type. Choosing Explosive here will cause some of the weapon's damage to change to the Burn damage type. Choosing No Extra Payload will leave all the damage in Impact and/or Pierce.

Explosion Radius: This value is your weapon's area of effect. It allows your weapon to hit all units within this area, including friendly units and your own units. It can be very devastating when used effectively. Note that you must have a Payload in order to use this field.


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