Player Combat Type


Beyond Protocol can be very hostile at times, and you will discover there is one or more aggressor in every system. Some are easily dealt with and others make you wonder how it could get any worse. Here, we will discuss how to get around, or even annihilate, this problem. Let us first analyze this threat.

The Virus

This empire only cares about two things: economic gain and expansion. They will seek out and take over every planet in a system, continuing to expand until something or someone kills them. They come in two known types.

The first is the Nuker Virus and the other is the Diplomatic Virus (Dip Virus). The Nuker Virus is the more deadly of the two, moving into systems and annihilating to take full control. They care nothing about other players’ survival and feel that the entire universe should be theirs to control. While the Galactic Senate has tried to eliminate them with new embargoes and other legislation, they are still a live threat. The Dip Virus seeks to expand and colonize very rapidly for economic growth while remaining on good terms with the general populace, but they are nightmares if they become enemies. Overall Virus players are excellent allies if you can get them and more of a nuisance than a bully unless they are not watched closely to prevent them from turning into a plague.

When taking on any type of virus player, the best form of attack is either with allies or with blockades. Since this player expands heavily, the more fronts you can get the player to fight on, the better. This is a good time to use the aliasing system when possible as this above all else can help bring a virus player down. The blockade will help to track or prevent further expansion.

The Trasher

You will probably encounter this type more often than others. This empire likes to talk a lot, usually they either have nothing or have something they have no idea how to use properly. The easiest way to deal with this nuisance is to scout them out. When you find nothing or something of little value, you have a few options. You can leave the situation alone and let them continue to “run their mouth” (realize they will do this in game as well as in the forums probably), or call their bluff and deal with the situation fully and completely. If you do not have the military means for a confrontation, agents are always an excellent alternative.

The Predator

This empire talks a big game and can usually back up their claims. They may even be able to trick you into thinking they have something they don’t based simply on past history with other empires. Since they usually stick to taking out Trashers or other types of bullies, they provide balance in the game and it is wise to get them on your side. You can simply pay them off by allowing them to set you to “peace” and you set them to “ally”. This gives them a percentage of your income that you will never even notice being taken. Another thing you could do is to help them with their mineral needs, or anything else that will be viewed as help by them. No matter what you do to help them, remember they are not your ally. If you get in a jam do not expect them to bail you out – but then again they might surprise you! If you plan to take one of these players down, bear in mind this is a huge undertaking in itself. These players are like Spartans. You must either kill them or they will kill you – they will not surrender. For this type of fight you may want to bring some allies or alias an account for better odds. If you defeat one by yourself, you will have their respect, but if you fail or have the aid of allies, they will hunt you and your allies down until you and/or your allies beg for forgiveness.

The Nuker

They are the most easily recognized because they rule by total annihilation. If one of your empire’s colonies gets blown to kingdom come without any warning, it is safe to assume you have a “Nuker” coming at you. Once they start, you are at extreme risk of them wiping you out. Your first course of action should be to check the distances of the planets you own. If they are fairly far apart you should use what time you have to install static defenses. Then, try to anticipate their next moves and send reinforcement fleets where appropriate. This is obviously easier to do when you own fewer colonies. Think about a contingency plan depending upon how quickly your initial colony was destroyed. Remember, death is good, just unwanted.


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