Part 1


It's a great day in the empire, we after many long hours of work the scientists of Antofdeath have been working feverishly on the new fleets capital ship. It started with a idea, that with all the fast and maneuverable fighters that the fleet needed a new weapon, something to cause havoc and demoralize the enemies forces. It would be armed to the teeth, it would be fast, and it would be maneuverable, the engineers were well aware of the flaws in the destroyers maneuverability from many experiences designing fighters, but then someone had a idea they created a new ship, it wasn't as big as a normal destroyer, but through careful changes in the venting ports they blessed their creation with 4 times the maneuverability then the engines were previously thought possible, but not only that they were able to make it faster then the fleets fighters, and have enough power in the core to power the newly designed missile launchers and a heavy artillery cannons. It was proof of the empires strength as designs became reality, the ship nicknamed by his designing engineer the clamp, was rechristened the Lords Raven. The name from a empires great leader who ruled the past, but in the many wars has left him to take up a more peaceful life helping out the new empires arising from every planet.

But in this all there was complications, the leaders so optimistic in their new creation completely forgot about some important facts. But while the many workers on Rana VIII fueled by high morale and good tools worked hard on the new armour plates to resist the heavy shock waves of the new missiles, huge cargo ships raced back and forth ferrying minerals for the production of a new harbor to build the greatest ship of the day. And with all the events that transpired one thing was on everyone mind, all hail the baron, may he protect us in peace and war.

The Lords Raven after careful examination of it's pieces was found to need 10 missile launchers and 10 of the new projectile cannons, the empire as large as it was never was a mining empire, so the many allies it had made worked to find precious minerals in mass, some of the minerals were very abundant while others because of their abilities were sparse from over mining and use. But though use of the Gallactic Trading Network, the empire was able to find enough minerals across the span of a entire solar system to obtain every material needed to create the Lords Raven.

All the pieces for the Lords Raven were meticulously checked for flaws and mismanufacturing, and then with each checked 100% and ready for production 3 chosen freighters loaded up all of the components and set off to the new habour build for one reason alone. The engineers kept in mind that when this was to be built it needed to be built fast, so when the time came to put the pieces together, it was a easy weld job, half of the pieces automatically hooked together to reinforce the ship further, though it was found that some of the vibrations caused by the firing of the heavy artillery cannons would slow the efficiency of some equipment. But it was so minor and calculations were made and noted the vibrations would cause so little interference compared to what the ship would go through that it was a minor issue of the time. And with that the ship was scheduled for completion within the hour.

The engineers knowing what they were doing had a very exact time on when things would be done, and so every clock in the empire was set to chine harmoniously at the same time. In a sense it was like the old traditions of earth during their revolution of the sun, and with that just as the old traditions, a loud cheer, was made and music was played, and well as all events go, parties were commenced. All the while, the Commander of the Lords Raven kept himself busy learning his new ship, his crew were commanded to stay in line because a war was inevitable and they needed to be on guard, keeping people safe wherever in the sector they were. And with that thought he was given clearance to launch.

End of part 1

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