Order Management

The orders management page can be reached by selecting a unit or structure and clicking on the orders button located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This allows you to manage the units AI. The Route configuration page allows you to add waypoints for a unit which it will run depending on how you set its AI.

Targeting Preference Name

Fighter Any aerial or space-bourne unit that has a hull size less than or equal to 300
Armed Has at least 1 weapon on-board. Mutually exclusive with Unarmed
Escort Any unit that has a hull size greater than 300 but less than 30,000
Unarmed No weapons on-board. Mutually exclusive with Armed
Carrier Any entity that has a third of its hull configured for hangar bay
Cargo Any entity that has a third of its hull configured for cargo bay
Facility Facilities and Space Stations
Ground Assault Land-based assets such as tanks and AT Jeeps

Engagement Pattern Name Description
Hold Fire Will not change behavior upon engagement and will not fight back
Stand Ground Will fight back but will not change current destination or activity
Pursue Does not move unless target attempts to escape
Evade Will attempt to avoid conflict by moving away
Engage Will openly move and follow targets of opportunity
Dock With Target Will attempt to dock with the specified target (if target still exists)

Combat Tactic Name Description
Minimize Damage Attempt to face the target with this object’s most defended side and keep optimal range
Normal Will do as much damage as possible from the side that gives a good defense
Maximize Damage Do as much damage as possible to target with no regard to self-preservation
Maneuver When checked, object will attempt to ‘dance’ around the target to avoid being hit
Launch All Units When checked, attempts to launch all objects in hangar upon engagement
Stay Docked During Battle When checked, will remain docked in facilities until the hostile alert in the budget window is overridden

The transfer page allows you to view the contents of the units cargo bay and hangar, transfer objects and set how carried units will launch. Here is a break down of each button:
Name Description
Launch Adds the currently selected unit to the undock queue
Launch All Adds all docked units in the currently selected unit/facility to the undock queue
Launch to Reinforce Will cause this unit/facility to launch its units to replace lost units in the selected battlegroup
Switch to Cargo Changes the window to display cargo contents rather than the hangar contents
Transfer Allows moving materials between docked units, the facility and the colony
Repair Allows repairs to be ordered on docked units


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