My First Power Generator Hull


Select your Research Facility and click the Techs button.

In the Research Management window, click the Hull button.

Choose Facility —> Power Generator —> Power Gen MkII Note: Every Hull has it owns Special Trait. This particular model gives us a 300% bonus to engine power production.

In the Hull Design Details, fill in:

Name: MyFirstPowerGen

Material: (Click Set, choose Enochine, and then click on the Select button)

Size: 80,000

Hit Points: 50,000

Note: As Hit Point goes beyond the Hull's size, the cost increases dramatically.

Take a look at the Hull Usage Lookup box on the right side of the window. Here we can find out how much hull space the MyFirstEngine will need.

Look at the Design Flaws section; fix any error that is stated.

Click on Engine in the Slot Palette, and then add 1 square in the All-Arc (Yellow squares). Fill in the rest of the yellow squares with Cargo Bay from the slot Palette.

Click Submit Design.

After your lab finishes designing (you can tell from the progress bar in the upper left), you will be able to view the results by clicking on "View Results" in the Research Management window.

In the Research Management window list at the top (not the buttons at the bottom), first select Hull, then Facility, and then MyFirstPowerGen.

It should show as "Designed".

Highlight it.

Choose View Results, then click Research. Once your researchers finish researching it, your MyFirstPowerGen Hull will be available for use by Prototypes.


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