My First Power Engine


This will guide you through the creation of your first Power Engine, which is an Engine used in Facilities purely to generate Power, since Facilities can't move.

Select your Research Facility, and click Techs.

In the Research Management window, click Engine.

Now enter the following:

Engine Name: MyFirstEngine

Engine Type: Facility

Power Generation: 5500

Trust Generation: 0

Maximum Speed: 0

Maneuverability: 0

Select Structure Body, click set, then click on the best mineral you have available (match the highlighted mineral properties). The Mineral List sorts the minerals from best to worst by default.

Repeat the step for the other six parts Structure Frame, Structure Meld, Drive Body, Drive Frame, and Drive Meld.

Note: Enochine is the only mineral available in Aurelium and is obtained through Mineral Bidding.

Click "Auto Balance"

You will need to respond to any error message (the Red font above the auto balance Button) to adjust your design. Your error message will turn green and say 'Your scientists believe this design to be possible", once you fix the design flaws.

Click "Submit Design"

In your Research Management window, select Engine, then Facility. You should see "MyFirstEngine" listed. It should now indicate that it's "Designed".

Highlight it. Choose View Results to see the final costs, then click Research. Once your researchers finish researching it, your factories will be able to produce it.


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