When compared to the other weapons in Beyond Protocol, Missiles can seem almost like micro-ships than a weapon. Thus, this guide will take a unique approach and describe them as if you were building a ship.

The Maximum Damage for the missile is how much damage the warhead will do upon impact. The Missile Size is like the hull size on a ship. In this case the more damage you attempt to add the bigger the “hull” needs to be. Agility is the speed and maneuverability of the missile. This part of the weapon is like an engine on a standard ship. Next the Range, which is how far the missile will go once fired.

The Rate of Fire is how quickly the pod will reload upon firing the first volley. The minimum Rate of Fire for a missile is 30 seconds. It was determined after many launcher jams, premature detonations, and loss of crew, that this was most efficient minimum time in between volleys.

Guidance is how accurate the missile will be. If you just want area of effect rockets then set the Guidance to zero. If you want a classic dogfight type missile then set the Guidance as high as you can, up to the maximum, which is 255. The Explosion Radius is how large of an area of effect you want. The maximum Range of exposure for this weapon is 255.

Finally, the Structural Hit Points. This part of the weapon is unique to missiles and acts like structural hit points for a ship. The most hit points you can allocate to a missile is 30. The reason it is important to pay attention to this number when designing a missile is that it can be shot down with point defense weapons. With this in mind, it is essential that you plan ahead. Just because you can design a one shot kill all missile, does not mean it will happen if your opponent has designed adequate defenses.


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