Mining Operations


This is where all the active mines in an environment will be displayed. The numbers tell you where you are ranked with the bidding for the mine. In order to access the bid window you simply select any mine and the screen below will appear for all your bidding needs.

All minerals are obtained through bidding, the mine owner will receive a larger share of minerals if there are not four bidders and will also receive a percentage of each bid on his mines. Owning a mine does not guarantee you a supply of minerals from it.

Once opened, the bidding window displays information about the mine in question. If there are any active bids they are displayed in the four rows in the table. Your rank is indicated by your position from the top of the table and the minimum bid is located below the table displaying the current mine status.

Place your bid by inputting the amount you wish to bid on the minerals per tick in the “Your Bid” window and the window will update with your bid where it should be in the list. The quantity of minerals you wish to purchase can also be chosen using the “Quantity” window, it is left at the capacity of the mine by default.


1 Protecting Mines
2 Mineral Concentration
3 Mineral Bidding
4 Mining Revenue

Protecting Mines

Each mining facility is public access. This means any nation can bid on the extraction rights to that mine. Of course this is not free, and the base price varies by the mineral type being extracted. Prices can be effected by multiple player bids. The top bidder receives the most per minute, but may end up paying a fortune for a rare mineral. Of that extraction cost, 20% goes to the builder of the mine, 20% goes to the owner of the planet, and the rest goes to the GTC. So, if you plan to mine something, especially if you plan to mine a lot of it, or if you know other people around you need a particular resource, it is recommended it be your mines) on those deposits). Do whatever you must!

Although the mines are public buildings, this does not mean they cannot be armed. In fact, arming a mining facility is highly recommended, especially if the resource is valuable to you. While you are in the process of putting weapons on your facility, it is also recommended that you take the opportunity to increase production capacity, structural integrity, add in a few point defense weapons, and increase the overall armor protecting the building. This is most often done at the expense of production capacity. Remember, in general, the more production capacity you have, the faster the mine will extract. So, while adding armaments may protect the mine, that will also decrease its overall effectiveness. AoE (area of effect) is generally not recommended, as they tend to do more harm than good to the base as well as to small friendly vessels.

Another way of protecting your (generally fragile) mines is to place hangars equipped with their own weapons around the building. Their main purpose would be to house Fighters or Corvettes. Fighters are capable of targeting components, so they can knock out the engines of an enemy miner, whereas Corvettes are potentially the most deadly unit on a planet, so their purpose would simply be to seek and destroy. You could settle for simply building a large amount of dangerous buildings, but remember, the mine you have will be depleted eventually, so those buildings will no longer serve a purpose. When using hangars and units, the hangars may be useless, but the main defensive force, the units, can be made use of at the next site of interest.

Finally, it should be mentioned that any warehouses containing the mined minerals, should be afforded the same protection as your newly fortified mining facilities. If your warehouse is destroyed, there is only a chance that a fraction of the amount inside will drop to the ground. Also, keep in mind that dropped goods do not avoid the attention of scavengers for long, so pick up anything dropped right away. It is of course better this not happen at all, so do what you can to prevent it.

Mineral Concentration

Mineral concentrations are listed as an X/Y value. Where X is the quantity mined per tick and Y is the total quantity available.

Mineral Bidding

In order to mine minerals, you have to bid on them, even if you own the mining facility. To bid on minerals, open the Mining Window [F8]. Now, select the facility you wish to bid on. You can see the Production Level of the facility, the Last Bid results, and the current Minimum Bid. You have to bid at least the minimum in order to get any minerals. Each bidder gets 25% of the production, and the top bidder gets any remainder if there are less than four bidders. After bidding it will mark your place (1st - 4th) next to the mine on the F8 menu. If you become outbid you will receive an e-mail.

Mining Revenue

You receive 20% of the credits bid for each mine you control, including your own. This means that bids on your own mine actually cost 20% less. All revenue and production from mines is listed per tick (5 seconds).


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