Irc Chat

We can be found in IRC at the following:

Server :
channel : #beyond.protocol

Feel free to join us. For those who don't know - IRC is the chat communication method of choice for gamers since the early days of online play. Its low CPU and low Bandwidth - low port usage and low tech. There is no fancy widgets in the core client Mirc but many scripted variants now exist like GODirc and NoName which cater more for FPS and other gaming. I'm not sure but if there isn't a WoW script focused one I would be very surprised.

I would start with Mirc until you get comfortable with it. The key things is - unlike many chat clients like msn and others - Mirc rarely if ever interferes with your games or applications and cant be left running while the pc is on. It has logged the chat from the start unlike msn etc and is a lot more sedate community wise.

The default mode of most in IRC is idling - leaving irc running while doing other things or being afk. Don't stress if you don't get an instant reply - go do something else you need to and return - usually someone will have replied or be waiting for you to show life again. Keep it polite - this isn't a paid service but most will be happy to help a lost gamer.

MIrc Site
GODIrc Site
NoName Site

You can use both for free after the 30 day trial - just have to endure a small delay to open while it asks you to register.


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