Bulldozer.JPG Engineer - The Engineer uses a Bulldozer Hull and serves the essential function of constructing structures. It is also capable of repairs and demolition.

Cargo Truck - Currently the Cargo Truck also uses the Bulldozer Hull, but a Cargo Truck Hull is listed in the Hull designer, so presumably this will change at some later date. The Cargo Truck is used to transport ore from from Mining Facilities to the nearest Refinery. For now they are capable of constructing buildings like Engineers (albeit much slower), but this should change once they no longer use the Bulldozer Hull.

Quads/ATVs/Buggies - These units are known by all three of these names and they all refer to the same thing. These are the lightest land-only units. Generally they are the fastest of the land units and typically they carry less armament and armor. They are good for scouting if you don't already have flying scouts.

Storm_II_Hover_Tank.JPG Tanks - Tanks are the main ground combat unit. Tanks are unique in that they are immune to critical hits. They come in two flavors: Tracked and Hover. Currently only Hover tanks are in the game, but Tracked tanks are listed in the Hull designer. One guess is that once Tracked tanks are added, Hover tanks will have the option of using the Naval checkbox, allowing them to travel over both land and water/liquid. Tracked tanks would be limited to land only, but potentially will have larger maximum hull sizes than Hover tanks. This is, however, purely speculation.


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