From Insult To Injury


Jovien sat at his desk looking over the specs of the new Predator class corvette, its weapons, armour, radar and engines had all been vastly increased. So had the price tag, each ship was retailed at almost 350 million credits each, a massive price tag for such a small ship, but Jovien didn’t mind, he knew the effectiveness of the ship was unmistakable. It stood head and shoulders above its valiant predecessor the Grim Repear.

Jovien smiled, the ship was the crowning achievement of all of the Kaidans hard work to rebuild since their near annihilation on Fadlar 9. They had faced death and return from its jaws many times stronger. Jovien only dreamed of the power his people could one day wield.

Has he dreamed of future achievements his palm top glowed, Jovien snapping out of his day dream picked it up and glanced at the screen.

For a faction of a second Jovien’s mind didn’t quite comprehend what he was reading…

“Check out this deal”, it started

“I have need become a master spy, I have 80 agents under my control and have inflatrated every aspect of your empires…”

Jovien glanced up to the list of recipients, a who’s who of the Galactic Alliance and the 4 Horsemen. Jovien quickly looked down and continued to read.

“I am now offering all that pay me the following services…

Military Lists,
And Colony Locations,

If you need anything, just contact me and I will sell it to you at a price.



Jovien smashed the palmtop on the surface on his desk shattering it into thousands of pieces.

Launching himself from his chair, Jovien marched out of his office and headed towards the military command centre. Several minutes later Jovien walked into the room housing the strategic and tactical command of the Kaidan military.

“Admiral Thomas!”, screamed Jovien, clearly demanding immediate attention.

Admiral Thomas ran to meet Jovien as he marched into the room, then saluting, “Sir what can I do for you.”, he asked.

“Get every GOD damn ship we have together and send them into FADLAR immediately!”, demanded Jovien.

The Admiral stood stunned, the room went silent, officers turned their heads to watch the Admirals response.

“May I ask why sir?”, hesitantly asked the Admiral.

“We are going to kill someone! OBVIOUSLY!”, yelled Jovien.

The Admiral backed off a tad, “Who sir?”, he asked.

Jovien tried to calm himself, then briskly marched over to a officers console yanking a palmtop off their desk and logged in as himself. He marched back to the Admiral and thrust the palmtop into the Admirals hands.

“READ IT!?”, insisted Jovien.

The Admiral glanced down at the palmtop, and then back to Jovien realising he was serious. Turning the palmtop over he began to read, “OH MY GOD!”, cried the Admiral. “How completely stupid is he!?”, the Admiral stated before starting to laugh.

Jovien rised an eyebrow but instead of being angry he also started to laugh.

“Man, this zolbad is in for a world of hurt.”, laughed Jovien.

“I would imagine so.”, smiled the Admiral trying not to laugh to much. “ I can’t believe after what he said last time about his colonies surviving the war because he basically hid under his iron curtain, and saying his ships were better than ours, that he would be so STUPID as to actually give people a reason to kill him!”, the Admiral continued.

“Especially after he chickened out of the ship duel and hid under his iron curtain again.”, Jovien added.

“So what do you ‘really’ want to do?”, prompted the Admiral.

“Kill him…”, Jovien stated without hesitation.

The Admiral shugged, “fine by me, I’ll rally your fleet near the Fadlar Aviod wormhole and then search for his colonies from there.”

Jovien nodded, “Good, on that note, how many ship do we have now?”

The Admiral smiled, “Enough don’t you worry.”

*Authors note: Morale of the story, if you get to big headed and start making ridiculous claims and then try to backstab people and play them off against one another so obviously, then don't get to comfortable with life, since you'll be relieved of it soon enough.*

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