Space Engineer - Similar to the Engineer, the Space Engineer is a flying unit that can build structures on the surface of planets and also has the ability to build space stations. When placed in a Battle Group, Space Engineers can access the cargo hold of any and all ships in the same Battle Group. This is important when building space stations.

Cargo Plane - Also using the Space Engineer Hull, this design is common enough to warrant listing here. A Cargo Plane is simply a Space Engineer Hull that has been filled almost entirely with Cargo space. These can be used in place of the Cargo Trucks when desired. They can also be used to transport a steady supply of minerals to a space station in orbit.

Cargo Hauler/Freighter - Like the Cargo Plane, these must be designed. A Cargo Hauler is typically considered to be in the Escort class and sized between 700 and 3894 (the largest size that can dock with a Mining Facility). However, since the largest Escort size is 2700, the range is actually 700 to 2700. Larger ship sizes that don't see any mining duties are typically referred to as Cargo Freighters.

Light Fighters - Very fast fighters typically armed with one or two weapons. They can make excellent scouts.

Fighters - Fighters in general are units that can fly both over planet surfaces and in space. As flying units, fighters are unaffected by terrain and thus tend to be easier to control than tanks. Fighters do have lower maximum hull sizes than tanks however and typically fighters only mount weapons in the front firing arc. Fighters are also more restricted in the number of weapons they can carry than tanks are. Presumably once Bombs are added to the game, Fighters will be able to use them and serve as Bombers.

Fighters are unique in that they have the ability to target components on Ships such as their Engines, Radar, or Weapons.

Ships - The hull size of ships starts out considerably larger than other types of units and just goes up from there. Many ships can be built at the Spaceport on the surface, but research into larger ships will eventually lead to ships that are too large to be built there. These larger ships must be built in Space Stations.

Space Stations - These massive Hulls can only be built in space and can serve a multitude of functions. They can serve as trade posts, shipyards, residences, heavily armed installations, and more. There are a large number of Hulls available in this category, allowing players to start with an Outpost (the smallest) and work their way up. Note: Make sure at least one Hangar Bay Door is large enough for the ship(s) you want to build!


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