Flaming The Ignorant


The hologram flickered as the blueish beams of light refreshed the image of the young man standing proudly in his overly decorated uniform.

“I thought you were in Fadlar?”, grinned the young man.

“Our colonies there were destroyed in the great war, we are building elsewhere now.”, replied Jovien visibly annoyed at the statement.

The young man burst into laughter, “I see, our empire survived the war intact!”.

Jovien grit his teeth, refraining from reacting, “Really…..”

The young man nodded with a cheeky grin across his face, “Yes”

Jovien’s blood was boiling in his veins, how dare this young man make fun of the mighty Kaidan Imperium in front of other leaders Jovien thought.

“Well if I had decided to leave my colonies and hide in a bunker for the whole of the war and incited the senates iron curtain effect, then I suppose my colonies would of survived the war unaffected, hint, hint!”, growled Jovien clearly angered.

The young mans face suddenly dropped, “I was attending a peace summit at Earth.”

“Really?”, smiled Jovien, “How convenient for you!”

“I couldn’t help it, my parents summoned me there!!!”, blurted out the young man.

Jovien rised an eyebrow, “That explains it then…”

The young man was clearly offended at Jovien’s suggestions and retaliated with his own, “Well if I had been around for the great war my blue’s would of made a big difference! They are the second largest ship in the universe!”

That was it, Jovien had reached his limit, “Ok, well, tell you what, how about this, you bring your ‘blue’ to the Fadlar wormhole and I’ll bring one of my Predator class corvettes and we’ll see which is better yeah!?”

The young mans face turned white… “Sounds…. Errr ok….”, he stuttered.

Jovien smiled, “Well in that case I’ll meet you in 2 hours at the wormhole.”

The young man stared at Jovien, “I will be there I just need to contact my researchers…”

Jovien interrupted wagging his index finger back and forth, “No no no, you said your blue’s would of made a difference in the war, I want to see how effective these blues are!”

The young man looked around for a second in confusion, “err no that’s not what I meant, I meant, errr, I meant I was looking to develop new weapons.”

Jovien smiled, “Of course you did! It doesn’t matter bring what you like! I don’t mind…”

“Meet in two hours then…?”, mumbled the young man.

“You can count on it.”, Jovien grinned.

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