[F8] Mining


This is where all the active mines in an environment will be displayed. The numbers tell you where you are ranked with the bidding for the mine. In order to access the bid window you simply select any mine and the screen below will appear for all your bidding needs.

All minerals are obtained through bidding, the mine owner will receive a larger share of minerals if there are not four bidders and will also receive a percentage of each bid on his mines. Owning a mine does not guarantee you a supply of minerals from it.

Once opened, the bidding window displays information about the mine in question. If there are any active bids they are displayed in the four rows in the table. Your rank is indicated by your position from the top of the table and the minimum bid is located below the table displaying the current mine status.

Place your bid by inputting the amount you wish to bid on the minerals per tick in the “Your Bid” window and the window will update with your bid where it should be in the list. The quantity of minerals you wish to purchase can also be chosen using the “Quantity” window, it is left at the capacity of the mine by default.


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