[F7] Budget


The Budget window shows all the costs involved with maintaining your empire.

At the top left is the Budget Summary box showing total revenue, total expenses, and cash flow. Cash flow is your revenue minus your expenses - a negative cash flow means you are losing credits. Also at the top in the middle is your Death Budget box. You can see the current balance, your maximum allowed and you have a deposit text field to use if you want to deposit money to this account. This should be considered as basic “life insurance” for your empire. Should you happen to die it provides 24 hours of instant building or until the deposited money runs out. Budget Details By Location shows how much you are spending or receiving in each environment.

Double clicking on any name will allow you to immediately jump to that environment. You can also set the tax rate of all your colonies using the buttons on the right. The selected environment’s detailed budget information is displayed below if you find it necessary to know the detailed specifics of any one colony you own, so just read away.

The Off-Line Invulnerability Button in the bottom right corner will allow you to change your offline-invulnerabilty shield to any one planet you choose… use it wisely!


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