[F5] Diplomacy


The Diplomacy window is the heart of Beyond Protocol, from here you will have access to a wide variety of information.

The Diplomacy Window is used to declare war, set allies, set factions, see the threat level of all discovered empires, check your planetary control, set custom tiles, see senate votes, and view your own current score.

It can also be used to contact any empire you have discovered via private message or e-mail.

The Player Details window is for player details and will show the different threat scores and total score of a selected player. All threat scores start as unknown and can be revealed with the use of agent missions. The Diplomacy Window is also where you set the title others will see. Titles range from Explorer and Governor to Emperor and Diplomat. This is where you declare war.

The Personal Diplomatic Details box shows all your threat scores and your total score. You can see the box below it shows your current title and the next title. By hovering your cursor over the next title, you can reveal what requirements are needed to achieve that rank. Also located in the diplomacy window is a button that says Factions which opens up the Faction’s window. In the Planet Control box, you can see which planets you have colonized and what percentage of the planet population belongs to you.


The Factions window, reached through the Diplomacy Window, provides a way for players to help one another. To include someone in your faction they must be a lower rank than you. For you to participate in someone else’s faction you must have a lower rank than the faction leader. As you advance in rank, you can be in fewer factions, but this also means you have more players who can join yours. The faction window shows your bonus from people in your faction, being in other people’s factions, and the total bonus at the very bottom. While in a faction, you enjoy tremendously reduced research times. Having people in your faction can also reduce your research times by a smaller percentage. To add someone to your faction select one of the drop down menus and click on their name. This sends them an e-mail notification that prompts them to open their faction window. At the bottom of their window, your name will appear and they can chose to click the Accept or Decline button.


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