[F4] Trade


There is a drop down menu in the Trade window that lists every tradepost you currently own in your empire. If you are using the Trade window from an environment where you do not have a tradepost, you will have to select one in the drop down box before any trading can begin.

There are five sub categories found in the trade window - Buy, Sell, Direct Trade, Order History, and Progress.

Buy Window
Purchase anything from minerals to units that another player has created. You cannot purchase exact designs from other players.

Sell Window
Sell anything you want. The rules are the same as for buying.

Direct Trade Window
Purchase or sell privately to other players. In addition, you are allowed to trade credits without having to trade anything else. Direct trades incur no Galactic Trade Commission taxes.

History Window
See trades like receipts for the past three plus months with detail of what was bought and sold and by whom.

Progress Window
How long you have to wait until your purchased merchandise arrives. In addition,

It shows how long the receiver of a direct trade must wait before acquiring their items.


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