[F3] Battlegroups


The Battlegroup window is used to manage your units into a control group which can be sent between environments while maintaining command structure, you can apply formations, set a factory, star port, or space station to automatically re-enforce the battlegroup. The maximum size of a battlegroup is dependent upon the special tech you have researched, as is the total number of battlegroups. Your current maximums can be seen below (2 max groups) and (20 max elements per group).

To create a new battlegroup simply select all the units you would like in the battlegroup, press F3 to open the Battlegroup Management window (pictured) and click the create new button.

You can re-name your battlegroup using the text box, the disband button will remove the battlegroup from the list. The formation drop-down menu will allow you to apply a stock formation or a custom one you have created previously in the formation creation window.

The add current selection button will add any currently selected units to the battlegroup. The orders button allows you to give orders to the battlegroup from any environment. The remove selected button allows you to remove any currently selected units from the battlegroup.

The remove reinforcements button allows you to remove a facility from the re-enforcement list. To add a facility you select the facility and click launch to re-enforce then select your battlegroup.

Battlegroups are required to build a Space Station, and send units between systems without using a wormhole.


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