The Escort and Corvette classes are the smaller of the fleet units. While their size may cause them to be overlooked, any leader who wants to fully capitalize on their fleet would be wise to take notice.

Escorts are quite a few times larger than Fighters, but much smaller than Corvettes. Their hull sizes range from 1,200 to 2,700. They are small enough to utilize almost as much maneuverability as a Fighter, but are large enough to carry weaponry that is more powerful. As their name implies, these units are often just the right size for escorting cargo routes or scouting parties. They are more than adequate when armed. An Escort with far-reaching radar, a large cargo bay and better-than-Fighter class weapons, can reduce overall Command Points by filling multiple roles at the same time.

You will find Escorts easy to build, requiring fewer resources and less research time than larger ships. They are small enough to be loaded into a carrier vessel in a fair enough quantity. While these vessels are meant to be maneuverable enough to outmaneuver larger weapon’s fire they do not possess the staying power to take multiple direct hits from larger class ships. Ordinarily, the key to designing an effective Escort is to go heavy on speed and maneuverability, while including enough firepower and armor to tackle smaller units. If used against larger vessels, do not generally expect the Escort to be capable of doing much more than harassing the enemy.


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