Engines generate thrust for movement and power for using other components. No more than one Engine may be placed on a given Hull. If a unit's Engine is damaged, it becomes immobile and unable to shoot until an Engineer can come repair it. Engines that only generate Power and not Thrust are referred to as "Power Engines" and are only used in structures and space stations.

Power Generation: This is the amount of Power the engine produces. Power produced by unit hulls is only available for use by that unit. Power produced by ground-based structures is added to the colony power grid.

Thrust Generation: This is the amount of Thrust the engine produces. The Thrust-to-Hull Size ratio is multiplied by the engine’s maximum speed to determine the actual speed of the unit. So, if the thrust is lower than the hull size, expect the speed to be lower than the engine’s maximum speed.

Maximum Speed: This is the maximum speed the engine is capable of, regardless of how small the hull size is.

Maneuverability: This is how fast the unit can turn. Like Maximum Speed, it is affected by the Thrust-to-Hull Size ratio.

Engine Color: This is a purely aesthetic property. On flying units the “flames” will be this color. It doesn’t seem to do anything for ground units or structures since they don’t have “flames”.


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