When Can I Play

The all important question: WHEN CAN I PLAY


Good morning.

It seems we have some interest in playing this game. My internal people have been waiting for this day for more than a year. So, to the all important question, when will you get to play. We are looking for testers now to assist us in our efforts. Csaj is anxiously collecting all of the tester sign ups.

This game IS NOT IN THE DESIGN PHASE…even though we can add stuff very easily and hope that you all keep the ideas coming…

This game IS NOT JUST STARTING to be developed, there have been people, our closest friends, testing this game since May 2006.

This game IS PLAYABLE now. Our hosting facilities have been online for some time now.

The game IS EXPANDABLE…. Every time we all see something on SciFi Channel or some great movie comes out, we want to put those cool ideas into the game. You will likely not see it for some time (research again)…but know that its out there.

When we say it has EVOLVED. We hope you agree. I smile at the posts around research. While it has been mentioned hours have been spent…it is NOT a grind. We eliminated the grind…it was in our initial design objectives, and I think we hit this one dead on.

Make sure you keep up with our design posts. We will add more as we find it. We have entire CDs full of documentation on this game. We are hastily converting it to strategy guides, forum posts, and news articles.


I can tell you that November 15th, many of our testers will receive emails. So, you have waited this long. Can you wait two more weeks? If you want to make sure you are on the list, make sure you fill out your tester application.

In the meantime, assist us by putting links to our site in your emails, websites, forum posts, etc. Lets make sure the world knows the wait is over. GOOGLE will optimize our search to the first page with your help.

The game is running now.

Executive Producer
Beyond Protocol

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