Whats Needed In A Tester

What we are looking for in a TESTER


This post is to give some indication as to how to be considered for testing.

First, anyone who posts a BUG about the website is strongly considered and will likely get an email. This is proactive to us and encouraged. There is alot about this game to test and the website is a good place to start. BUGS are real, Nice-To-Haves are considered but not a given.
Second, any who actively participates on the forums, (that does not mean post meaningless content), will get strong consideration
Third, anyone who is identified as providing Beyond Protocol content to forums outside the official forum (buzz)will be considered
Fourth, anyone who helps us get the word out by posting on other forums, like Digg, MMORTS, Gamespot, will get considered. We would love all of our testers to "Digg" our software.

The theme here is that our testers need to be active. Again, if you read through all of the information we have presented so far, there is A TON of things for you to test. This will be a large, but fun task.

Therefore, selection is going to be in three passes:

The first pass is for those who we consider.
The second pass is for a lottery draw.
The third pass is for those who will backfill after November 15th when we find testers that quit.

Its up to you to decide how many passes you want to be involved. We give you two…can you make it three.

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