Transportation Networks


Re: Transportation networks?


Good morning. I have been quiet about designs, but this one excites me. The reason is very simple: The system is in place where you could do it. The way to make this profitable is to build yourself tradeposts where tradeposts cannot otherwise see each other. Then you build the necessary fleet for transporting those goods between the tradeposts. You will make huge if you can find disparities in the economies of those systems. For example, one system has a huge lack of minerals with a low melting point. You discover and begin a traderoute so that you are transporting those minerals from A to B. This puts you in the import/export business. Now, to provide middleman services, you transport items from one place to another for empires that are too distant to do it themselves. With the proper reputation, I am certain that people would be interested in this method because there are warmongers that will not want to deal with transport/supply. This goes far beyond the built-in capabilities BUT it has more risk because it is not guaranteed like the trade interface would.

As for other examples, don't get me started on the idea of fuelling someone's war with that awesome laser design or those nice shields that someone in another sector came up with—


PS: If you have ever played Industrial Giant, that possibility DEFINITELY exists in this game.

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