Trade Contracts

Contracts – Trade


A contract is formed in the manner of Side A and Side B. Several Players can be assigned to each side (but only one side).

There are clauses which indicate the 'guts' of the contract, namely, what each side will receive.
There are collateral clauses which indicate what occurs if either side breaches the contract.
There will be a governing body that will monitor and manage the breaches of contract situations.

Contracts didn't perform as well as expected and over the years evolved into a galaxy wide corporation who specializes in transport of goods from one source to another. For a hefty fee, of course. This galaxy wide corporation is known as the GTC or the Galactic Trade Commission.

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This part of the game was implemented so that players can enjoy the economics of the game. Specifically, the tradeposts have a limited visibility to other tradeposts. This is a technology achievement. Now, to some players they will work toward and gain the coveted sector trade capability. This will make them the middlemen of wars especially as minerals start becoming scarce and you based your whole fleet on them in your designs.

To the player who wants to simply be a massive trader, they possess that secret base somewhere in the sector and it becomes their trading hub for the transport of goods to other sectors/systems.

Yes, the player will choose to be this —not because the grind forced them to —because they wanted it.

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