Ship Refitting


Re: Ship refiting?


As Enoch Dagor taught me years ago, realistic isn't always fun. We certainly could have gone to that level of detail, but as the game is now, just getting the enlisted and officers for your ships is realistic enough…if we add to it the element of types of those —it gets too difficult for the player to enjoy. I love the idea and this is where Enoch and I have different opinions, I go for the simulation, Enoch ensures it is fun. The problem is I end up being the bad guy a lot because the players always take Enoch's side. Which is fine. Havoc, I like the idea a lot, but the fun factor goes out of balance with that…

As for refitting, you all may have seen if you read the whole site, the components make up the units. So, if you dismantle a unit, you get the components back. Now you can reuse the components you want and sell the rest to someone else.

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